lördag 15 februari 2014

I said that the further west we drove the better the weather would get, what i meant by that was that the closer to Arizona and California we got the hoter the weather would get. I just wanted to make that clear so everyone would understand.
Anyway it´s a shame that some parts of the road has been returned to the land owners so you can´t drive on them anymore, I think that takes away a bit of the feeling to it.¨
What is most amazing of all is that the makers of the movie cars travelled along route 66 to get inspiration to the movie so all the things you see in the movie is things that inspired the makers when driving along route 66. The town that Lightning McQueen gets stuck is called Radiator Springs in the movie, in real life it´s called Peach Springs.
Peach spring is located next to the route 66 and had many travellers driving by it in its glory days but exatcly as in the movie the goverment builded a highway 25 miles from the town leaving route 66 almost empty wich caused many towns to become ghost towns.
Driving on route 66 has been an amazing experience even tho we haven´t drived for that long, im really looknig forward for the things we will see and experience on this pice of history.

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