tisdag 25 februari 2014

Today we arraived in Santa Monica California. I have been in Los Angeles a couple of times before and I really love this city so it´s really nice to get back.

When you see this sign you feel both releafed and a little bit sad, you feel releafed because we had been in the car for three weeks and it gets quite boring after awhile.
It feels sad because all the things we experienced is over, all the diffrent land landscapes we been driving trough, like i said in the beginning it´s not many people who get to experience a sunrise in the new mexico desert.
You cant really put a price on those things the things you get to see.
If you are like me and love cars this is the best driving experience money can buy, you and a car driving trough 7 states and 3939 kilometers of asphalt roads with barley no cars on it, for me that is life,
and with a car like our little red Corvette on roads like this it couldn´t get any better.
So i feel both releafed and sad, actually i feel more sad I will miss the early mornings in the mountains and deserts, and all the citys in so diffrent conditions.
I dont know what it is with ghost towns but they impresses me, it looks like all the people who lived there just stood up and left.
It´s been an amazing journey and I would recommend it to everybody who loves to expreience diffrent climate and diffrent landscapes combined with both big and small citys.

torsdag 20 februari 2014

I didn´t manage to get my hands on a ticket or actually i did but the next home game was in a week so it was no idéa we dont have the time to stay in one place for so long.
So we drove of in our Corvette.
We ended up in Texas in a town called Amarillo, it was a 7 hour drive there from Oklahoma City.
Luckily for me Amarillo had a NAHL hockey team called Amarillo bulls and they had a game later that they, so i bought so tickets and went to the game.¨
Amarillo played against Fresno Monsters, NAHL is a tier 2 junior hockey leuge which stretches from the eastcoast to the westcoast.
It was a good gamed that Amarillo won with 4-2.¨
Amarillo is located in the upper part of Texas, Amarillo has some problems with water only 0.50% of the land i water covered and with very little rainfall water is a problem, but people survive so they must get there water from somwhere.
Anyway we travelled to the Cadillac ranch, it´s a weird place where several Cadillacs are standing with their fronts down into the ground and then you can buy paint and spray and write things on them.

tisdag 18 februari 2014

As you see it was a amazing view driving into downtown Oklahoma city.
Nearly no cars on the street, clear skies, and no cops ;)
It gave us the oppurtunity to test our little red Corvette down the strip, it sure did turn some heads around as we pushed the throttle down and a mighty V8 sound came out from the engine.
Since we are afraid of the american police we only had the guts to do it ones. 
Oklahoma is a really nice city I really felt in love with it from the first moment, Oklahoma is the 29th largest city in U.S.A.
In downtown Oklahoma they have water going trough the city and you can jump on a water taxi if you feel like it, so the city does not have a big city feeling it actually feels kind of small and cozy.
I really love ice hockey and the best part is that Oklahoma has a team called Oklahoma city barons, and they play in the second highest league in the states.
I hope i will get my hands on a ticket for the next game and i hope they have one pretty soon as I will have to move on we cant get stuck in one city for a long time.
Oklahoma has many College schools and since i like this city I might apply to a school here.
So for anyone who likes green enviorment with the water closeby and a nice weather with an average of 34 degrees celcius in August I would recommend this city.

måndag 17 februari 2014

Today we arriaved in Springfield a town in Missouri.
A fun thing is that in Illinois there is a town called Springfield to. There is two towns with the exact same name in the states next to each other.
Anyway it was a seven hour and 45 minutes drive from Chicago, the drive went smoothly aside from a flattire but we fixed it in ten minutes and drove on.
I have really fallen in love with our Corvette, everybody says that american cars are famous for their bad quality and bad handeling, but our car it feels diffrent it has a soul to it it has a certain feeling it is a plesaure to drive down the old route 66.
Springdield it was, we arraived here and saw from the first moment that it is a pretty poor area.
16% of the people are living below the poverty line so it is mixed emotions driving trough and seeing all the people fighting for their survival.
The United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield Missouri.
We drove by this building, it´s a fascinating building for sure it´s one of six places in the states that take care of prisoners with all sorts of problems, it´s a fascinating building but i think i rather stay and look on it from the outside.
We drove on from springfield along the road.
It´s a shame that route 66 dosen´t exist on modern maps anymore, it would be so much easier for you guys to follow our yourney, but we can´t do anything about it unfortunatley.
Next up Oklahoma city, only a four hour drive there.

söndag 16 februari 2014

Today I feelt like writing some thing funny, and then I got the idéa. The states in america has some pretty weird and funny laws and on our journey we are gona travel to several states so im going to tell you some of the laws there is in the states. Most of the laws does not regard the whole state just parts of it.
In New York where our journey started,
It is against the law to throw a ball at someone´s head for fun.
A license must be purchased before hanging clothes on a clothesline.
In Carmel wich is a town in New York it´s unlegal to be seen in public wearing a jacket and pants that does not match.
In Greene during a concert it´s unlegal to eat peanuts and walk backwards on the sidewalk.
In Staten Island you may only water your lawn if the hose is hold in your hand.
 In IIlinois
A state law requires that a man´s female companion shall call him "master" while out on a date, the law does not apply to married couples tho.
Servers are forbidden to serve wine in a teacup.
A women should not appear in a bathing suit on a highway.
Anyone caught wearing sagging pants to expose underwear will be subjected to a fine up to 150 dollars plus court costs or face up to 15 days in jail.
it´s illegal to take a lion to the movie.
It´s not legal for a tavern owner to serve beer unless a nice kettle of soup is also brewing.
It´s illegal to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7 AM.

lördag 15 februari 2014

I said that the further west we drove the better the weather would get, what i meant by that was that the closer to Arizona and California we got the hoter the weather would get. I just wanted to make that clear so everyone would understand.
Anyway it´s a shame that some parts of the road has been returned to the land owners so you can´t drive on them anymore, I think that takes away a bit of the feeling to it.¨
What is most amazing of all is that the makers of the movie cars travelled along route 66 to get inspiration to the movie so all the things you see in the movie is things that inspired the makers when driving along route 66. The town that Lightning McQueen gets stuck is called Radiator Springs in the movie, in real life it´s called Peach Springs.
Peach spring is located next to the route 66 and had many travellers driving by it in its glory days but exatcly as in the movie the goverment builded a highway 25 miles from the town leaving route 66 almost empty wich caused many towns to become ghost towns.
Driving on route 66 has been an amazing experience even tho we haven´t drived for that long, im really looknig forward for the things we will see and experience on this pice of history.

fredag 14 februari 2014

After a 12 hour drive to Chicago you feel kind of exhausted, so we took in at a motel for the night.
The motel was located in a Chicago suburb, it had been dark for several hours when we arrived so we didn´t really get a feeling for the location of the motel, we only knew the adress nothing more.
When we woke up in the morning our plans were that we would jump in the corevette and continue driving west. For once we actually changed our planes and decided that we would take a trip in to downtown Chicago and have a look at the united center wich is the home of the Chicago Blackhawks. After approximatley 40 minutes we were there and the arena A.K.A the madhouse were so worth the trip, it´s an amazing building.
We were lucky the Blackhawks actually had practice when we entered the arena, so we sat there for 40 minutes and watched the pros skate aorund. The goalie Corey Crawford gave me his stick after the practice when i yelled that he was the best, he must have appreciated that ;)
After lunch we turned the key and headed out for the road in the direction west.
I had this deja vu feeling, it must be from the movie cars.
you realize how well done movies like that are made, you sort of can realate to them eaven tho they are animated, And withTracey Chapmans song fast car on the radio it could not get any better, and the best thing was that the further west we drove the better the weather would get.

tisdag 11 februari 2014

The Statue Of Liberty was truly amazing, we couldn´t get on a boat so we saw it from quite a distance. She was pretty big, taller than you think actually.
Located on Liberty island she is 93 meters tall from top to the ground, the statue it self is 46 meters high while the platform she is standing on is 47 meters tall, she symbolize freedom and was a gift from the french people in 1886 to celebrate the 100 years of being indipendent.  
After we visited the Statue Of Liberty we headed out for lunch.
For lunch we had an big American burger.

After the lunch we took a cab to wall street, it was fun to see all the historic places for example the place where George Washington were standing when he became president. Today the building is Federal Hall National Memorial. We also saw the New York Stock Exhange building.

Our time in New York were coming to an end. We were going to continue our trip in the states by renting a car and heading out on the road and drive trough the states and get feeling for the roadlife.
Flying takes away so many things that you only can experience when you are traveling by car,
So we went to Hertz and rented a Corvette C6.
Our plan was to travel across the states to california following the famous road Route 66.
I dont know if you guys have seen the movie cars but since i saw it i always wanted to drive along the famous Route 66.
Anyway she was beutiful our car, like the stuff you dream about ;)
The Route 66 starts in Chicago and finnishes in Los angeles.
First of all we had a 11 and 53 minutes drive to Chicago were we would spend a day and then we would cary on and start driving on the Route 66.
Route 66 is 3939 kilometers long and travels trough 7 states.

torsdag 6 februari 2014

This is my story about my trip to the states.
We flew out from Sweden with the destination New York.
The flight took around 8 hours and was pretty quick actually, it didn´t feel like 8 hours at all.
We flew a very nice aircraft it was one of the newest aircraft in their fleet.
Arraving at New York we were meet by our limo driver, his name was peter.
we had ordered a limo to get to the hotel with a little bit of class ;)
Here is some pictures of it.

It was a Hummer H2 and it was a really nice car for sure, people rally turned their heads after it.
After 40 minutes we arrived att our hotel in manhattan, we were staying at the Milleniu Hilton.           We had been on the traveling foot for 12 hours so we were pretty tired. Here is a picture of our view from the room.
 The next morning we went out for some shopping and on the same time visit some famous places like Central park and Wall street, and the statue of liberty, but first we took a big american breakfast at the restarunt in the hotel lobby. the american pancakes were  the best pancakes i ever had.

We headed out against Central park it was a really nice day it wasn´t wery warm but the sun were shining and the birds were singing in the trees. Central park i truly beutiful it´s a amasing place in the middle of all the skyscrapers it´s a place were you can get away and realx a bit.