tisdag 18 februari 2014

As you see it was a amazing view driving into downtown Oklahoma city.
Nearly no cars on the street, clear skies, and no cops ;)
It gave us the oppurtunity to test our little red Corvette down the strip, it sure did turn some heads around as we pushed the throttle down and a mighty V8 sound came out from the engine.
Since we are afraid of the american police we only had the guts to do it ones. 
Oklahoma is a really nice city I really felt in love with it from the first moment, Oklahoma is the 29th largest city in U.S.A.
In downtown Oklahoma they have water going trough the city and you can jump on a water taxi if you feel like it, so the city does not have a big city feeling it actually feels kind of small and cozy.
I really love ice hockey and the best part is that Oklahoma has a team called Oklahoma city barons, and they play in the second highest league in the states.
I hope i will get my hands on a ticket for the next game and i hope they have one pretty soon as I will have to move on we cant get stuck in one city for a long time.
Oklahoma has many College schools and since i like this city I might apply to a school here.
So for anyone who likes green enviorment with the water closeby and a nice weather with an average of 34 degrees celcius in August I would recommend this city.

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