torsdag 15 maj 2014

                    Boston, Massachusetts

I will try to keep it short and easy since im still in jetlag form the long hours of flying.

After a 2 hour flight to London, Heatrow and a 6 and a half hour flight to Boston we were there.
The country made out of dreams, we went to the bagage claim and picked up our bags and went on to the rental car dealer.
we rented a Ford Explorer and i got to choose color, so i choosed a dark grey one.
At this point we were pretty tired and hadn´t sleept for 20 hours, eventually we arraived at our hotel called Omni parker house, wich is the oldest hotel in the united states so we cheked in and left our bags up in the room. After that it was game time the Bruins vs Canadiens, the game is possibly the coolest thing I have ever been to, it was so loud in there that it feelt like an earthquake when the bruins scored.
After the game we really feelt the lack of sleep in our bodies so we went walking the 500 meters back to the hotel from the arena.

We woke up around 9:30 am wich was not good because we had agreed with my fathers colleauges that we would meet 9 am in the lobby so we dressed quikly and went down to the lobby but they had already left so we went across the street to starbucks and there they were sitting with donuts and coffe on their table, only in america.
After that we went out on some sightseeing with a amphibian car, it was really interesting to hear about the history in Boston, 
Boston has a special infrastructure that mixes old houses with new ones, the train station in the iddle of the city was built in year 1713 and is surrounded by skyscrapers. in 1713 it was not a train station it was a court house.
After the tour it was evening so we went to the old city hall were they have a reallt fancy resturant, it must have been the beast stake I have ever eaten in that resturant, I didn´t think steakes like that existed, but I didn´t now prices like that existed either but it was worth it.
This was a really interesting day for me, my fathers cause for the trip over was to visit the factory in Randolph wich is 25 minutes from Boston.
We went to the factory and we were meet like kings, first of all our names were on the wall then we were escorted in to a conference room were we got a lot of gifts and so on.
Then they talked for like three hours about their products and then we we ended the visit with a three hour walk in the warehouse.
After our visit the invited us for dinner so we said yes and they gave us the adress and said that we would have to be there 5:30 pm.
When we got there it was amazing one of the most beutiful golf courses i have ever seen.
The golf course resturant were located up on a hill so as the sun went down you saw the Boston skyline light up, it was really an amazing feeling.

This day we didn´t to much at all except shopping, we went to a premium outlet in the outskirts of Boston, it´s amazing how much cheap thi´ngs you can find, i bought shoes that cost 1200 sek at home for 600 sek and i bought four T-shirts that are rally expensive at home for 70 ske each, God bless America ;)
We ate lunch at Cheescake factory wich is an awseome resturant their fodd is the best, and their cheescake is even better.
After that we went to Abercrombie and Fitch and there after we went back to the hotel so i could hit the gym.
We ate dinner at a place in downtown not a speciell place but the food was okey.
After that we went back to the hotel to get some sleep.
This was sadly our last day in Boston, the flight took of around 7 pm so we had some hours to kill.
We bought tickets to the New England aqvarium and went around there four a couple of hours and watched big whales, sharks, stingrays. It was pretty interesting.
We ate lunch in the city in a place called cheers, i took the big glam burger the biggest burger they had on the menu, belive me it was good ;)
After that we went around in some stores i bought some Bruins accessories and a hat.
Then we went back to the hotel picked up our bags jumped in the car and headed for logan airport.
We flew with Brittish Airways a Boieng 747 it took around 6 hours and 7 minutes, and form heatrow to Stockholm it took 2 hours and 20 minutes.
I want to thank my teacher Kalle Larsen for not stopping me to travel to Boston, if he wouldn´t had been so nice i wouldn´t had the chance to experience these things,
So thank you.